Are You a “Non-Singer” but wish you could sing?
Welcome! You’re in the right place!

“I wish I could sing!” Is this you? I can teach you, and it might change your life! Finding Your Voice is FUN and PROFOUND! Don’t let your fear of singing get the best of you!

• In Keene, NH, New York City
• WORLDWIDE via Skype

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• If you can talk you can sing! Yes, EVEN YOU!!
• Learn in a way that’s supportive, comfortable & fun
• Discover your own natural voice
• Become more confident–experience some singing success!
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I believe this with all my heart. We are all born to sing – people all over the world have sung for as long as there has been language – only relatively recently, with the advent of musical recording, has the birthright of song been relinquished to the professionals. 

Do you have a story? Perhaps there’s a reason why you’re afraid to sing. Many people who think they can’t sing have had some kind of experience that shut them down (a criticism at an early age, a sense that someone else was the “the singer” in the family, an insensitive music teacher!) and that this negative experience has gelled into a myth that they have come to see as a truth. Does this sound familiar to you?

So let’s open up the idea of what singing is. Let’s play with sound, and what it’s like to simply make noise together. Let’s talk about what singing means to you and why, and what kind of music interests you. We’ll play games with singing and rhythm, do some toning and rounds as a way of exploring harmony, move and stretch our bodies as we explore different vocal placements and styles, and sing simple, accessible songs from different cultures to experience how these vocal styles can be used in a new context. Finding your voice is both fun and profound!

Take individual lessons, lessons with a friend or two, or come to a workshop. Feel free to email me or call 603-357-4693 or visit the registration page to learn about what workshops are planned.

Email Mesee workshop schedule

“With life-long certainty I told Nancy I was tone-deaf
and within two minutes she had me matching a note she
was singing. I was amazed and a little bit giddy!”
– Susan, Adult Singing Student

“I thought I’d have to die and be reborn to do this!”
– Liza, Singing Student

“Thank you so much for our singing session. That was something I will never forget. Until recently I would never have done that. 🙂 It’s all about growing. You are doing such great things for others with your gift. Thank you for sharing.”
– April, Singing Student

“I knew nothing about singing but I have found that I can do this.
It feels so good to sing with other humans.

– Lisa, Workshop Participant (Who Is Now Singing With a Chorus)

You are an amazing teacher and inspiration.
I am so grateful to have begun- it IS a whole new world!

– Eliza, Singing Student

“I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying the
singing lessons. I haven’t had this much pure fun since I
was in the third grade. It really is liberating for an old codger
like me to just cut loose and make joyful noise like I did back then.”

– Brian, Adult Singing Student

“My mother, Charmian, called me this morning pretty euphoric.
She said that she “finally felt free”.  That she’d thought all her life
that she was only capable of making a croaking sound but, instead,
had heard herself sing one high note and one note in the middle
that was really a tone.  She’s always had fifth chakra issues,
sore throats, laryngitis, power speaking, etc.  This week,
when she goes to her meditation meeting, she’ll join in the ‘
oohming’ part for the first time.

She said that the workshop ‘changed her life’ after 94 years
of being shut down/out.

This was an enormous breakthrough for her.  Your program
was so well structured and led with such enthusiasm and joy.
Congratulations to you. What a gift for everyone there.”

With gratitude,”
– Cathy (Daughter of 94 year old workshop participant!)

“As a private lesson student with Nancy, with a lot of fear of
singing, I found after just one session my confidence grow.
I attended a birthday party, and when the candles on the cake
were lit, I immediately led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday”!
You have no idea what a big step this was for me!”
Melanie, Workshop Participant and Private Student

“The lessons made me feel a lot more comfortable with my voice,
and singing in front of people. Also, I think that I’m better at
staying on pitch, and getting the pitch right the first time.
Plus lessons were just a lot of fun! I really enjoyed them!
Thank you again. Hope to see you next summer!

– Ruth, Teenage Singing Student

“I really surprised myself, in many ways.
I had a wonderful time and came away with
more confidence than I felt possible!”
– A Workshop Participant

“This is so exciting – it’s like a miracle to me!”
– A Skype Student

“I never thought I’d be able to sing at all, but with practice
and training, I can sing with a group and not shatter glass.
It has encouraged me to try anything at least once no matter
how much I don’t think I could do it.”

– Ash, Singing Student

“I absolutely wouldn’t have been able to sing in front of people
if I hadn’t taken lessons with Nancy. Now I sing for the residents
at a nursing home. No sweaty palms, no pounding heart, no
shaking like a leaf. I’m having so much fun and people are
enjoying my singing. I actually get requests!”
Cathy, Workshop Participant and Singing Student

“The lessons were definitely helpful in getting to understand
some of the physical and emotional barriers that prevent me
from singing and I learned some great tools from you on how
to address the barriers. Singing is such a joy!”
– Becka, Private Skype Student

“After taking a few lessons, I realize that there are a lot of people
who are afraid to sing or have trouble with singing, and people
will respect you if you try. And this can go for anything.
So, why not try?”

– Singing Student

“Nancy has helped me along the journey of bringing what I hear
inside my head into the world.  She brings a patience and a kindness
to her process that focuses on joy and emphasizes the pleasure of
singing. She has helped me replace my perceptions of singing failure
with success, anxiety with relaxation.”
– Chris, Singing Student

“Nancy seems to have an endless basket of teaching tools
and the were all enjoyable.  I especially liked moving,
scatting and adding rhythm making to our singing.

– Workshop Participant

“I think my husband is a little intimidated by my new skills”
(…said with a smile)
– Sandy, Skype Singing Student

“I had a really wonderful time during my lesson and it felt good
just to sing for fun. In just the last couple of weeks some opportunities
have come up that I might normally have passed up.
I think I found the fun part of singing again!”

– Grace, Singing Student

“I’d lost myself. I needed to find my voice. Taking singing lessons
and expressing myself this way has been part of a whole set of changes
in my life. It can’t help but have a ripple effect. I’m painting again
and have started a successful new business selling my art –
I think it’s all connected.”

– Singing Student

“A wonderful affirming experience. Thank you.
– Pat, Workshop Participant

“I loved our sessions and loved working with you.
The lessons were very helpful and I am very grateful
to have connected with you. I sing in the car driving
to and from my mom’s every day!”

– Shendl, Skype Singing Student

“Let’s put it this way. I want my sky diving instructor to be very good
at what she does, but I may need her to talk me into the plane and
give me a gentle push out the door once we hit the right altitude.
So, it was important to me that we established a good,
trusting relationship.”
– A Skype Singing Student (making an analogy between singing
   and jumping out of a plane – both can take a lot of courage!)

“I am singing a little more and a little louder, and I think that
is a direct result
of our lessons. I think now that singing can
be taught, absolutely — both in
technique and in drawing
out the singer inside.”

– Paul, A Skype Singing Student
   (Skyping to New Hampshire from Japan – how miraculous!)

“I really enjoyed the workshop today – you are a great teacher!”
– Catherine, Workshop Participant

“It surprised me how easy it was most of the time, to let go
and just sing and make sounds.  One thing I really like about
Nancy’s teaching is that she brings a straight forward can-do
energy to the group, allowing for fears and nervousness but
not focusing on those.”

– Workshop Participant

4 Responses to Are You a “Non-Singer” but wish you could sing?
Welcome! You’re in the right place!

  1. Travis MIDAY says:

    I don’t believe I can really carry a tune…other than in the car by myself with a few songs. I have always wanted to sing in the choir.

    • Nancy Salwen says:

      Hey Travis — sometimes it doesn’t happen right away, but takes some practice and good, positive feedback.

      And for some people, it turns out you’re better at it than you think you are, but you’ve got a story in your head that tells you that you can’t, or somebody once said something and that idea just stuck.

      You never know until you try, but even if you can’t sing on pitch now, you can learn if you have a good teacher. And after that you just need to find the right choir or singing situation — the one that suits YOU and the level you’re at.

  2. AR RT says:

    Hi.I visit singing lessons for 5 years.The truth I revealed is that if you don’t have it(a gift,or talent) no matter what you do,you will never be able to sing.This is my case unfortunately

    • Nancy Salwen says:

      Hey There — I would say that perhaps you haven’t had the right kind of lessons! For someone who has a hard time with singing you need a special kind of environment for learning and not all teachers understand how to really go back to basics the way “non-singers” need. It sounds like singing is something you really wanted to do — 5 years of lessons shows some devotion! Let me know if you want any specific advice, a lesson, or perhaps you’d like to get my book. Also, it’s important to figure out what your goals are, and to make them modest enough to begin with so that you can experience and recognize small successes as you are learning.

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