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Are You a “Non-Singer” but wish you could sing?
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Email Nancy anytime to ask about taking singing lessons!

nancyphotobluesweater-2“I wish I could sing!” Is this you? I can teach you, and it might change your life! Don’t let the outdated idea that you are a “non-singer” stop you from joining in one of the healthiest, most expressive and rewarding activities life has to offer!

• If you can talk you can sing! Yes, EVEN YOU!!
• Learn in a way that’s supportive, comfortable & fun
• Discover your own natural voice
• Become more confident–experience some singing success!
• Take home skills to start you on your way!


We are all born to sing — I believe this with all my heart. People all over the world have sung for as long as there has been language – only relatively recently, with the advent of musical recording, has the birthright of song been relinquished to the professionals.

Do you have a story? Perhaps there’s a reason why you’re afraid to sing. Many people who think they can’t sing have had some kind of experience that shut them down (a criticism at an early age, a sense that someone else was the “the singer” in the family, an insensitive music teacher!) and this negative experience has gelled into a myth that they have come to see as a truth. Does this sound familiar to you?

So let’s open up the idea of what singing is. Let’s play with sound, and what it’s like to simply make noise together. Let’s talk about what singing means to you and why, and what kind of music interests you. We’ll play games with singing and rhythm, do some toning and rounds as a way of exploring harmony, move and stretch our bodies as we explore making different sounds, and sing simple, accessible songs from different cultures. Finding your voice is both fun and profound!

With life-long certainty I told Nancy I was tone-deaf and within two minutes she had me matching a note she was singing. I was amazed and a little bit giddy!

Susan, Adult Singing Student
I thought I’d have to die and be reborn to do this!
Liza, Singing Student

Thank you so much for the singing lesson. It was something I will never forget and until recently I would never have done that. It’s all about growing. You are doing such great things for others with your gift. Thank you for sharing.

April, Singing Student
I knew nothing about singing but I have found that I can do this. It feels so good to sing with other humans.
Lisa, Workshop Participant (Who is Now Singing With a Chorus)

The Fear of Singing Book:
Includes Online Audio Tracks and Videos.

Look for it at your local bookstore or Buy it on Amazon!

“With Kindness, playfulness, and heart, Nancy will help you explore your voice and reclaim the joy and courage we all had singing as children.”
— Shendl Diamond, LikeMinds Press

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