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Starts October 9th, 2017

with Video Lessons, Group Classes, & Private Lessons via Skype

Beginner singers having fun singingI’ve put together a program so that people all around the world (due to the magic of Skype and the Interwebs) can be part of a singing community and learn together.

This will give you a whole new way to think about singing; you’ll learn methods to experience and practice singing in an entirely fresh way. You’ll have a mix of completely non-threatening group sharing and singing experiences, and one-on-one lessons with me so you can get the individual feedback you need, because every persons’ voice, life experience and learning style is different. You’ll also get audio tracks, videos and pdf support materials that you can keep practicing with forever!

You will have lots of fun (singing is all about fun!), you will be moved (singing touches the heart), you will have company (group calls, skypes and Facebook page with other members) and you will have all kinds of resources to use during the program and to keep using forever (videos, audio tracks, pdfs, etc.)

Purchase of this program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied by week 3 – so you really have nothing to lose by signing up.

In this 6-Week Program You Will…

  • Learn in a way that’s supportive, comfortable & lots of fun
  • Discover & explore your own natural & unique voice
  • Identify achievable, personal and meaningful singing goals
  • Break through your fear of singing
  • Identify & work through your individual singing obstacles
  • Become more confident — experience some singing success
  • Learn really basic and useful skills for singing – skills that nobody ever bothered to teach you before!
  • Have opportunities to sing with other people (and it will be great!)
  • Build a collection of songs that you can sing with people in your life
  • Become more expressive, bold and empowered in all areas of your life!
  • Learn simple techniques to connect and support your breath to your voice
  • Get to share your singing story with others who really understand
  • Learn tricks to help you blend in with other singers
  • Learn how to practice your singing and improve your muscle memory

We Humans were BORN to Sing – Now is the time to claim your birthright!

In this 6-Week Program You Will Get:

  • 5 daily on-line lessons each week, delivered via video or audio –that’s a total of 30 daily modules designed specially for beginners. Short, approachable, fun! Utterly doable!
  • 3 individual singing lessons with me, via Skype – Get the personal feedback encouragement and attention you need.
  • Audio tracks so you can practice on the go.
  • Additional written support materials and illustrations as applicable.
  • 6 Weekly live group Q&A & sing-along sessions via phone and Skype (trust me – the sing-alongs are VERY informal and fun!)
  • A great starter repertoire – songs and songsheets to help you practice and share with your friends
  • Access to a private Facebook group so that you, me, and other members of the program can share, support, and celebrate each other!

If You Can Talk You Can Sing!

Some of the Topics Covered in Weeks 1 & 2:
(focus on exploration & PLAY; getting comfortable)

  • Breakthrough your fear – Love > Fear!
  • Discover your voice – supported exploration
  • The Body/Singing connection
  • Breathing for singing
  • Connect your voice to your intuition
  • Establish your goals
  • Deep listening
  • Dealing with negative messages (from ouside and inside yourself!)

Some of the Topics Covered in Weeks 3 & 4:
(focus on comparing & contrasting; learning basic skills)

  • Learning to match pitch
  • Singing with feeling
  • Introduction to simple scale patterns
  • Really Simple Music Theory
  • Developing muscle memory for singing

Some of the Topics Covered in Weeks 5 & 6:

  • Integrating an intuitive approach and an analytic approach
  • Applying that Really Simple Music Theory to learning new songs
  • Gaining control over vocal quality
  • Songs and more songs; building a repertoire
  • Warm-ups to use in your practice
  • How to develop a rewarding singing practice

Email Nancy anytime to ask about singing lessons and online programs !

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Upcoming Schedule

Sunday, November 12th, 2017, 2:00-6:00 pm
Fear of Singing Breakthrough Workshop
Manhattan, NY
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Email Nancy with questions or call 603-721-1492

Sunday, January 3rd, 2017, 9:00-5:00 pm
Fear of Singing Breakthrough Full-Day Workshop/Retreat
Stone Church Arts / Immanuel Retreat Center
Bellows Falls, Vermont
(plus $15 for a catered lunch — optional)
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Sunday, January 21st, 2018, 2:00-6:00 pm
Fear of Singing Breakthrough Workshop
Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY
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What People Are Saying —

“I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying the singing lessons. I haven’t had this much pure fun since I was in the third grade. It really is liberating for an old codger like me to just cut loose and make joyful noise like I did back then.”
– Brian, Adult Singing Student

“As a private lesson student with Nancy, with a lot of fear of singing, I found after just one session my confidence grow. I attended a birthday party, and when the candles on the cake were lit, I immediately led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday”! You have no idea what a big step this was for me!”
– Melanie, Workshop Participant and Private Student

“My mother, Charmian, called me this morning pretty euphoric. She said that she “finally felt free”. That she’d thought all her life that she was only capable of making a croaking sound but, instead, had heard herself sing one high note and one note in the middle that was really a tone. She’s always had fifth chakra issues, sore throats, laryngitis, power speaking, etc. This week, when she goes to her meditation meeting, she’ll join in the ‘oohming’ part for the first time.

She said that the workshop ‘changed her life’ after 94 years of being shut down/out.

This was an enormous breakthrough for her. Your program was so well structured and led with such enthusiasm and joy. Congratulations to you. What a gift for everyone there.” With gratitude,”
– Cathy (Daughter of 94 year old workshop participant!)

“The lessons made me feel a lot more comfortable with my voice, and singing in front of people. Also, I think that I’m better at staying on pitch, and getting the pitch right the first time. Plus lessons were just a lot of fun! I really enjoyed them! Thank you again. Hope to see you next summer!“
– Ruth, Teenage Singing Student

“It surprised me how easy it was most of the time, to let go and just sing and make sounds. One thing I really like about Nancy’s teaching is that she brings a straight forward can-do energy to the group, allowing for fears and nervousness but not focusing on those.”
– Workshop Participant